Thursday, September 5, 2013

Learning New Things!

What an eventful week!

We have continued working on our writing piece, “All About Me”. Students have finished their first drafts and are working on revising and editing. They are enjoying sharing their pieces with their peers and are working diligently on making a wonderful literary piece!

4th graders are currently looking at world biomes and learning about the differing climates, animals and people who habitat these places. 5th graders are learning about botany and are experimenting with plants! In groups, they are using air, water, and sunlight to see direct effects on the plants. 6th graders are working on Insect Island where they are continuing to classify insects as well as creating their very own insect. They shared their newly created insects with the whole class!

We began our Discovery simulation as a whole group! We will work in groups as we move further in to the simulation. Discovery recreates experiences of the early American colonists. They will learn why colonists came to North America, why they choose to settle in specific areas and what they used as natural resources. Each group will establish a government and design a flag to represent their colony.

This week, on Wednesday, students brought home a Sentinel-Tribune to read and look over with their parents. They gained familiarity with the newspaper and shared something they learned. We will do more with these weekly newspapers as time progresses.

Lastly, we completed an activity about following directions. The directions were to “read everything first”. It followed with 15 steps of instructions where they only needed to complete two of them if they “read everything first”. Please ask your student about the very important lesson they learned from this activity.

The blog and more information will soon be live at

New Website/Blog

Miss Brynn, our technology teacher, and Miss Kasey, one of our Upper Elementary teachers, has created a dynamic website dedicated the the Upper Elementary classroom. This website includes blogs, pictures, important links and videos.  Very soon, this link will be live and can be found at:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Geometry lessons, Weather lessons, Needs of humans, botany and sixth grade Insect Island!


This past week has been a wonderful start to our new year!  We continue to work on team building exercises and brainstorming ideas to become a better community.

We have started working on our Geometry lessons, Weather lessons, Needs of humans, botany and sixth grade Insect Island!  Students are having a great time exploring all the learning materials and learning hands on. 

Our writing process is under way!  Students have decorated their writing journals with pictures, drawings and fun things brought from home.  They have started their rough draft on their first writing piece, “All About Me”.  We will continue to work on this writing piece for the next few weeks. 

Upper Special Schedule:
Monday~Physical Education
Wednesday~Spanish and Music
Thursday~ Band
Friday~Band and Technology

As a friendly reminder, on September 3rd, the Book Mobile will come to the Montessori School.  Please have students bring their library card with them.  If they need an application for a library card, we have them in the classroom.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013-14 School Year!!

Upper Elementary

First day was a success!  Upper Elementary was excited to begin our year with 17 students! The new students and staff are coming together as a community and enjoying our learning environment.

A get to know you activity was used and you may have heard…we were throwing snowballs!  We wrote down three interesting facts about ourselves without using our names.  We then crumbled and smashed our papers, which made our snowballs.  We tossed our snowballs at each other and had a great snowball fight!  Once we each had tossed a few snowballs, we shared our interesting facts with one another and found out who had similar interests.  It was a wonderful way to learn about one another!

We discussed our classroom “Rights and Responsibilities”.  Students considered the “Rights and Responsibilities” they had for themselves, each other and the classroom.  They used the Smart Board to brainstorm their ideas on a graphic organizer.
As a follow up activity, we demonstrated the “Rights and Responsibilities” by sharing how we each contribute to a peaceful, positive classroom environment.  We created a spider web visual explaining our part in the community.  We each took a piece of string, said what we could do to be a part of the classroom community, and rolled the ball of string to another classmate or teacher.  The end result was a beautiful spider web that represented our fantastic ideas!  The take away from this activity was that every person plays a part in creating our learning experience and environment.                                                                                                                                         


  • Do you have a fun hobby or interest that you would love to demonstrate and/or share with our students?  If so, please contact us to share your thoughts and ideas and we can plan a time for you to join our classroom! 
  • Do you have any interest in volunteering?  If so, we need parent volunteers to assist with Scholastic Book orders and parent volunteers to drive for field trips (once we get them scheduled).  Please let us know if you would be interested in volunteering for either of these.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who are the Upper Elementary teachers?

Upper Elementary Teachers

“Miss Deb” Reddin

Deb was born in Van Nuys, California and moved to Ohio at age 9. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Bowling Green State University and has accumulated many post-graduate hours in language arts and science. She taught 5th and 6th grade in North Baltimore until she decided to be a stay-at-home mom while her son was enrolled in the Montessori Early Childhood program. She was very involved with the school as a mom, and then as a substitute teacher. She became a full-time teacher when the Upper Elementary class expanded in 2001. She completed her 9-12 year old Montessori Certification in 2003. Deb states, "My favorite Montessori material is the large fraction skittles used to teach division of fractions. I love this material because it very clearly demonstrates why we use the reciprocal and multiply to get the answer to a division problem."

“Miss Kasey” Hagemyer

Kasey is from North Baltimore, Ohio and she holds her bachelor of science in elementary education with concentration areas in mathematics, sciences and reading (grades 4-9). She is the mother of three children and has excellent communication, leadership and organizational skills. She enjoys encouraging learning in a variety of ways. She states, "I enjoy utilizing technology, manipulatives, music, movement, labs and various resources to provide a positive learning environment." For more about Kasey, please read this feature from BGSU:

"Miss Ruth" Smith

Ruth Smith is joining the Upper Elementary team as the special education aide. She has a background in social work and she provided childcare for 20+ years in her home for many of our families. Her expertise and compassionate nature will be an asset to our school.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Goodbye for now


We passed back our peace sticks today as we closed our classroom. At the beginning of the school year, we had chosen our own stick to represent us as an individual and bundled every one's together.  This is a reminder to our classroom that together as a community we are stronger than when we are on our own. 

       I am not very good at goodbyes so I am going to go with "see you around".  Thank you for allowing us to work with your beautiful children this year.  They have taught us as much as we have taught them.  We have had a wonderful adventure together this year and it is hard to see it end.  We are confident that they are ready for the next adventure whatever that may be.   Have a great summer and we look forward to next year and all the possibilities. 

Miss Mary (Miss Deb and Miss Ruth too)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quotes from students

Beginning of the school year

"I really liked the rubber band project.  My final project was a homework doer.  I built it with my dad at home.  It was fun because I got to create my own idea and there is always something exciting about the fact that at anytime something could go wrong.  There were a lot more things that I enjoyed this year but this was my favorite."
                                                                                                                -Justin Espen 4th grader

"Corn and beans is definitely my favorite project that I have ever done.  We started with pinto bean and corn seeds and planted them in egg cartons in our classroom.  We learned about the different parts of the plants and did several experiments on the plants.  I think that everyone should get to experience something like this sometime in life because you don't realize how amazing it is that plants can grow like this until you do it hands on."            -Jeremy Mahoney  4th grader
"My favorite thing that we have done has been technology.  I like technology because we get to create and work on our own website and make it unique to ourselves.  I will continue to work on my website and take this with me into Middle School."                                              
 -Mary Grace Korducki 6th grader
"My 6th grade year has been my favorite year.  There are so many different things I have gotten to do this year as a 6th grader.  I have been looking forward to this year because of the special things that are available for just the 6th graders.  We went zip lining at camp.  We had 6th grade fun club with Miss Antonia. Miss Amanda took us on an art trip and I am looking forward to our 6th grade trip to Put-n-Bay.  I've really enjoyed this year and can't wait to come back as a 7th grader." 
                                                                                                             -Alexa Whyte 6th grader
"My favorite thing that I did this year has been technology.  I like to do Mavis Beacon which is a program that teaches me how to type.  I like learning how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as I work on my writing skills because I feel like an author.  I am also happy that I have a Gmail account.  Miss Brynn has been helping us build our very own websites and it is fun because you can do writing on there as well.  I look forward to learning more about technology including sending emails to my friends."
                                                                                                        -Eric Clawson 4th grader 
"I liked everything this year but Miss Mary is asking for a little bit more so here you go.  My favorite studies were Insect Island and Peterson's Pond."  (These are 6th grade only science simulations.)  "I liked Insect Island because we got to build a huge tower, using a limited amount paper and tape.  We then tested it to see how much weight it could hold.  Peterson's Pond has  been fun because  we got to test water and analyze data.  I also like Art and Math."
                                                                                -Laney VanderHart 6th grader

"I had so much fun this year in my new school.  I can't really pick one thing that is my favorite.  One of my favorite things was electricity science." (Collaborative science groups working with light bulbs and batteries.) "I also liked working with the bead cabinet and the cubes because I liked making the tower.  This school is really AWESOME!!!"
                                                                                        -Sean Bixler 4th grader

"My favorite part of the year was making a manor map with Laney.  I liked it because I like building 3-D things.  I really loved making the castle and chapel.  We then got to make a video of Laney and I showing people around our manor.  It was funny when we kept messing up and redoing it about five times."  -Guo Wells-Jensen 4th grader

"Camp Wilson was my favorite thing this year.  I really liked that it snowed in the fall which is abnormal.  We went sledding and we were the first class, from our school, to go. I also really liked the food especially the coffee cake and the churros.  Another thing I liked was playing Ga-Ga because it was fun.  I also liked being  with my friends."  -Jared Plata 6th grader

 "My favorite project this year was the corn and bean unit.  I liked it because we got to plant seeds and learn about how they grow.  It was fun to touch the plants and learn the different parts of the corn and beans especially the fluffy root hairs.  At the end of the project we got to bring some of them home.          
                                                                                                                                    Lily Martin-Williams  4th grader

"Camp!  There are so many ways to explain camp I just can't explain it.  You just have to go there yourself.  This by far was the best thing in the school year.  For instance, we went rock climbing, played Ga-Ga (I can't speak about Ga-Ga), and for this year only, we went sledding!!!  The ride there is definitely worth it.  And if you get homesick, which I can promise you won't, you've got all of your friends around you. At the end of the year, is another favorite thing of mine-Biking. Last year I went with the 5th graders and it was quite tiring but this year I am going with the 4th graders and it shouldn't be as tiring." 
                                                                             J.J. Poiry  5th grader

"In 4th grade, we had the best science groups yet. We had the bulbs and battery unit and it was really fun.  We made circuits to light up light bulbs with batteries.  We also had a magnet unit where we had to figure out what materials were magnetic and what were not.  But my favorite science unit was corn and beans.  We did experiments and tests on corn and bean plants that we planted. The reason why this was my favorite unit was because every day we studied and graphed our plants' growth.  I learned a lot about these plants. This is the best science unit yet."
                                       Preston Pinson  4th grader

End of the school year

We have way too much fun together.

What an awesome year!  Thanks for sharing your wonderful kiddos with us.  They are amazing.
 The Upper Team